Finna Cry


sweet, white

I rediscovered my love for guitar right around the time I started working on this album.
Sweet, White is full of fuzzy guitar tones with some odd-time signatures thrown into the mix here and there. I also tried some experimental sound design techniques on this one including a track where I created a drum pattern with a lapel mic and distorted and compressed the shit out of it until it turned into something usable.


This track started off as a soundtrack for an experimental movement piece, which I then expanded into a 10+ minute compilation of various genres.
It's basically like 4 songs smashed together into some Frankenstein's monster of a song, featuring ethereal synths, driving drums and a weird arpeggio section at the end.


For a long time I was really, really scared of dying. After a bunch of terrifying, anxiety-driven experiences I could not go a day without spiraling. This album is about that time in my life.
It’s a weird, mostly instrumental album drawing on bits and pieces of artists that I love, including: Christian Tiger School, Explosions In The Sky, Clams Casino, Felix LaBand and others.

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